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Premium Whiskey Tasting Experience with Irish Whiskey Tours Vouchers

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Deals and Coupons for Cocktail and Spirits Tasting Event

Buy Irish Whiskey Tours vouchers for deals on Cocktail/Spirits Tasting Event. A famous author once noted that ‘too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough’. If you share the same sentiment then skip on over to Irish Whiskey Tours and enjoy a premium whiskey tasting session. During the tasting session you’ll get to explore six delicious fine whiskeys, including the award-winning Teeling 21-Year-Old Vintage Reserve — an expert will be on hand to talk you through them all. The tasting will is held at The Palace Bar on Fleet Street, which is a Victorian pub steeped in history and charm. Irish Whiskey Tours vouchers maks a fantastic gift.


The Palace Bar, 21 Fleet Street, Dublin 2.


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