Product Deals

Shop for popular deals on goods and products from retailers who deliver across Ireland. Stocks are limited. All deals are only available for a limited time while stocks last.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

€27.99 instead of €69.75 for a robot vacuum cleaner in black or white – save 60%

LED Cantilever Garden Parasol

LED Cantilever Garden Parasol Cover

€149 instead of €323 for overhanging LED cantilever garden parasol

Apple iPhone 7 Unlocked

iphone 7

From €189 for a refurbished 32GB Apple iPhone 7, or €234 for a 128GB iPhone 7 from Renew Electronics – save up to 71%

Rattan Garden Furniture Set

4-Piece Rattan Garden Furniture Set

€114.99 for a 3-piece rattan garden furniture set in black, brown or grey

LED Pavilion

Luxury Swing & Harmonie LED Pavilion

€299 for a Swing & Harmonie luxury LED pavilion in choice of four colours

Deluxe Mattress

Dreams Sprung Deluxe Mattress

€99 instead of €439 for a single dreams sprung deluxe mattress, €129 for a double, or €149 for a king 

Cast Iron Kitchen Cookware

kitchen cookware

€79.99 for a three-piece enamelled cast iron kitchen cookware pan set, €119.99 for a five-piece set or €179.99 for an eight-piece set

Apple Watch

apple watch

€149 instead of €307.30 for a refurbished 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 or €169 for a 42mm watch