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About Living Social Ireland

Find Living Social daily deals for great savings every day. LivingSocial is an international online marketplace to buy local deals, escapes and experiences in Ireland every day. Users can view and purchase deals in the Republic of Ireland in their local city in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway or South East Ireland. In 2007, LivingSocial was founded in the USA as Hungry Machine by four employees from Revolution Health Group, and then started selling deals in 2009. In 2015, the Irish and UK operations merged with Wowcher. LivingSocial Ireland is a trading name for Wowcher Limited who are registered in England with company number 04264984. Wowcher have a registered office at Wowcher Towers, 12-27 Swan Yard, London, N1 1SD, United Kingdom. Online Shopping

Consumers can purchase deals of the day on the website including offers for spas, restaurants, theatre, travel, hotels, holidays, beauty, fitness, lifetime experiences, family days out as well as an online shop for goods and products. Save up to 80% with Living Social deals. They bring surprise and delight to every calendar day with new vouchers available. Shoppers will be issued with a voucher that includes the supplier's details, instructions how to redeem the voucher and the expiry date.

Customers can cancel their voucher purchase for any reason up to 14 days from when you receive your voucher provided that you have not already redeemed the voucher at a supplier or as LivingSocial Wallet Credit. You will receive a full refund of the price paid. Cancellations must be made using the online cancellation form or online contact form.

If you need to contact Living Social customer service, either call the telephone numbers (01)6535675 or (01)5269686. Otherwise, contact them via their online customer service form.


6th Floor, South Bank House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4.

19 reviews for Living Social

  1. Aileen Barr

    Desperate customer service. LivingSocial did not want to solve a problem I had redeeming a voucher I bought through their website. They kept referring me back to the merchant even when i told them I couldn’t get in touch with them. Then they told me to contact the merchant on a uk number. I didn’t think ,expecting their customer to pay for a call from Ireland to the uk was a reasonable reply to my complaint. I will never purchase from them again. They wipe their hands of you , once they get your money. BEWARE.

  2. Tk

    Waiting over an hour no answer to my call on hold listening to crap music Disgracefull

  3. Jacqui Lynch

    I’ve posted about my issues before

  4. Cora Browne

    I can not contact concerning a purchase I never received. I have contacted the merchant via email and they will not respond. I will now chase them up via small claims court. I will never buy from them again. BEWARE.

  5. Sandra O Flynn

    Did try to phone customer service but No luck .

  6. Sandra O Flynn

    I can’t redeem my Vouchers , try to copy and paste but could not . Is there another way to redeem them ?

  7. ethel gallagher

    Just purchased a voucher for a massage in Rathmines, near where I live. Realised when I looked at it, it expired on 10th October – and this is 12th October??? Tried ringing all the numbers including the one in Ireland. Who doesn’t want to be found/contacted? Most unfriendly site and I have no intention of buying any more vouchers if and when I get my money back for this one.

  8. Agne Gniewek

    Hi I purchased sheep skin slippers and redeem my voucher but didn’t received my order at all.I did e-mail to livingsocial but nothing was resolved and tried to ring you but the office is closed but it says that it works 24/7.I want my money back but nobody responding.Never buy from this horrible site again.Its one big scam.

  9. Jennifer

    Very bad site… No one gets back to you. Order four tablets for kids only one received have made numerous calls emails etc…live around the corner from your offices in Barrow st so that’s my next step of action to get MY refund…will never again order from this site and will ensure everyone heres how I wasVery bad site… No one gets back to you. Order four tablets for kids only one received have made numerous calls emails etc…live around the corner from your offices in Barrow st so that’s my next step of action to get MY refund…will never again order from this site and will ensure everyone heres how I was treated.treated.

  10. Margo

    Awful awful awful social living cheats no contact no one gets back generic help page useless. NEVER use or trust them. They took my money but I cannot get the items I paid for. Going to consumers and free legal aid. They areNOT getting away with this scam

  11. Patricia Alzalam

    It’s been over a month now and I still haven’t received my order I have tried contacting but just getting the run around this site is a joke

  12. zita Redmond

    I bought and returned a green puffa jacket and a 2 piece denin jacket. I received an email detailing the credit on my account for the green puffa jacket but I didnot recieve any correspondence about the 2 piece denim jacket. Today I tried to use my voucher which was due to expire in January but was unable to use it in fact the full amount was deducted from my paypal account without any authorisation from me.!!! The Dublin number is invalid which I find very poor service however, I was lucky to speak to a customer service agent called Susan who supported me in my dilema. She refunded my purchase today as I did not want the debit on my paypal account. She advised me my voucher has now in fact been refunded to my account. She has agreed to contact the merchent concerning the 2 piece denim jacket to confirm that they have received it before she credits my paypal account with that refund. Over all I am unhappy that a deduction was made from my paypal account without my authorisation. The Dublin number is invalid which is poor service. The one redeeming factor was Susan over all 1/10 for service

  13. Margaret

    Scam! I purchased a voucher for an overnight stay in a hotel, small print said nothing about which days of week were excluded. At time of booking I was informed that the voucher was not valid on Fri & Sat! After a lot of correspondence, I opted for full refund & £20 credit. I received both. Then tried to use the credit only to be informed that this is not valid on all offers and I could not use this on the offer I selected. Again, this was not stated at time of solution of my original complaint! There is no way of telling which offer can/cannot be used for this credit. Scam!

  14. Tanya breen

    Disgusted. I have purchased 3 laptops instead of 2 by mistake. I have contacted several customer care people and still have gotten nowhere. The last one actually ended my chat twice . Now I don’t know when I will receive my laptops or be refunded. I have ask for customer care to ring me. I have sent emails and messaged Facebook/ messanger . Never again will I use this site.

  15. Jorge

    Huge Scam. You don’t pay for products, but for vouchers. Vouchers that they are supposed to send to the retailer (Home Discount in our case) so that they can proceed with your order. The vouchers never get there. If you ask the retailer, they obviously say that they cannot do anything because they didn’t receive the order from Living Social. If you ask Living Social… well, good luck asking them, they have a perfectly created funnel in their call center that ensures that you can NEVER talk to anyone, asking for random numbers that you don’t have that make you start always all over again. Long story short: you pay, you don’t get your product, and they don’t pay back. Please don’t waste your time and/or money here

  16. Ladi Babatunde

    Horrendous experience Horrendous experience! As with most things cheap, everything on this sire is poor quality, also, you risk being scammed as its difficult to get refund or even review a seller or item! Also, help & support from either livingsocial or sellers are non existent. Delivery timeframes are awful. Overall, my 3 months or so on the site & overall experience after 4/ 5 purchases have been awful! Right now, I am still waiting on 3/ 5 items that haven’t been delivered!. Use the site if you have money to throw away!

  17. Lisa Donnelly

    Terrible experience rude and unhelpful customer service staff

  18. Nicola Rogers

    I paid in full for a garden Parasol which didnt arrive and am struggling to get a refund! Dont go near this site, RIP Off!!

  19. Catherine Mulraney

    Stay well clear of Living Social.
    Terrible Trouble trying to get refunds.

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