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53 reviews for Renew Electronics

  1. John

    These are con men, selling copy phones & crap quality. Stay well clear it’s a disgrace you allow such a company place products on your site. Renew Electronics more like scam electronics. This is going all over Facebook & twitter etc

  2. aaron hopkins

    absolute fxing joke..stay well away from this scam off a process

  3. jay

    there terrible long long delivery

  4. l mc

    scam stay away

  5. Nikki

    Ordered an iphone 6s which arrived today two weeks delivery time.The phone seems to be in excellent condition and the customer services team replied promptly to my emails which I sent when all the terrible reviews on here made me really nervous. So far so good!!

  6. Diane Murphy

    Very bad service phone battery’s useless all they keep telling me is keep charging the phone never thought of that

  7. Darren mc Cormack

    I bought a 6S for my daughter for christmas 2017. touch never worked and battery drianed in a few hours. Paid to send it back and they kindly sent out replacement. To my surprise replacement could not pick up a network tried to fix it myself by changing SIm and contacting network provider but all came back to phone. At my expense €25 each time sent it back and requested refund 4 weeks ago they have received the phone back because I have tracked it but wont refund the money saying its back to living social who I have contacted recently after 10’s of emails with renew Would not recommend this company at all tried to find ph no but can only contact them through email which they are very slow to reply. Bought phone November 2017 and issue still not rectified still down the €400 euro and all the postage which I cant see getting back. Trying to avoid it happening to anyone else

  8. Ann Collins

    AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! Stay well clear of these cowboys, sent me a damaged iPhone 6, the call speaker wouldn’t work properly, I sent it back at my own expense to get repaired and the useless so and so’s sent the phone back with another issue, the screen had pink lines going across the screen, I sent the phone back again and received the phone back this time with a cracked screen, i asked for a full refund and they would not pay it because they said it was “out of warranty” , which of course is not true because I only had this version of the phone for 10 days. brutal company and a sad bunch!

  9. Alison

    Diabolical. Ordered iPhone 6 off this company. 7 weeks later, still no phone or refund. They firstly blamed wowcher, then Royal Mail for misplacing the phone, had no intention of trying to find its whereabouts. Complete shambles of a company, should not be allowed to continue to deceive the public in this way. Only got a refund process started when threatened with legal action and presented with the consumer act which they were in breach of stating as a seller it is their responsibility that the customer receives goods.

  10. Linda

    AVOID AVOID AVOID. Would be 0 stars but wouldnt allow!!

  11. George johnston

    Bought iPad through Wowcher then find it’s not been cleaned out can’t get it. To set up because it’s linked to an Apple ID that was used to set it up originally,wish I had seen the reviews before I bought it. Wowcher are as responsible as well time to unsubscribe

  12. Michelle Robertson

    Wish I had looked up reviews before purchasing an iphone but thought I’d be ok considering it was through wowcher but how wrong was I. 9 days after it’s been dispatched royal mail still haven’t received it, tracking still just saus they’re expecting parcel, company told was dispatched but would look into it and only after I’ve replied numerous times they’re now saying it will be dispatched within 24hours. Have asked for a refund as it now won’t be here for the intended birthday

  13. Deborah Doyle

    Terrible service bought an IPad 2 & wont download any apps I have as it runs on an outdated 10.3 IOS there is no way of upgrading to let me watch Netflix etc. Complete waste of money and service is disgraceful

  14. SimonPiechowicz

    I received my iPad mini today looks and works like a brand new tablet “very happy “ Staff was very helpful to!!!

  15. Annie Bamber

    Really shocked to be honest. Their products are not fit for purpose. It is really unethical to sell refurbished phones that are not usable. I got an IPhone 5s. It didn’t work correctly straight away, unable to text. For example if I pressed an F, it would detect an A. Just completely wired wrong. Then the phone completely broke, wouldn’t turn on. The company replaced the phone, but then the exact same thing happened again with new phone, exactly the same! However they now refuse to fix or refund. I find it to be a very strange company, seems like it’s ran from someones bedroom. Would not recommend. Quite upset I’ve basically just thrown my money away.

  16. Dee

    Scam artists. Wowcher should be more mindful of who they associate themselves with as I won’t be purchasing through them after this experience. £170 out of pocket. That is all.

  17. Caroline Boylan

    Wish I had read the reviews. I am out of pocket of almost €400 – paid extra to get the phone delivered within 7 days – this is now almost 20 days ago. Cannot get through to the company, no one will reply to my emails

  18. Kerry Harty Beauseigneur

    Terrible. Awful. Dissapointed. No responce to emails. No iPhone 6s recieved. Ordered from Living Social for Xmas delivery. Paid in full. Where is my phone???!?!?!!

  19. Faye

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! I would give a 0 rating if I could. I ordered a iphone 6 with this company through wowcher for my son for Christmas but received a rose gold apple watch after my expected delivery date which ment u couldn’t send it back in time for Christmas and had to fork out an extra £200 before Christmas for another iphone. After contacting them a few times I had no reply so went through wowcher an finally got details to send the phone back, once sent back and having to pay an extra £9 to send it back in still had no reply from the company so contacted wowcher once again and they have finally issued me a refund. I thought as it was through wowcher it would be a reputable company OBVIOUSLY I WAS WRONG!!!!!!

  20. Adam Burley

    PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! I ordered an Apple Watch through Living Social, the promised delivery was 22/01/19, after this date passed I emailed Living Social and Renew Electronics and asked for the order to be cancelled and a full refund (after reading reviews on here). Renew kept fobbing me off asking for duplicate information, Living Social did nothing to help. Today (01/02/19) I have received an email advising it had been dispatched. So now I will have to pay to return and wait months for the refund (if received) and will have lost £9.99 delivery to receive the product and any cost sending it back. Very poor from Renew and Living Social.

  21. Ronnie Doyle

    IPad has stopped charging. It never really charged properly

  22. wendy Ryan

    Having spent the best part of 3 weeks trying to communicate with this company….they sent out an apple watch with a huge scratch down the middle, after advertising it as new. after investigation they confirmed they had made mistake and send back watch for replacement. After sending watch back…Technicians called stating still locked to i cloud. i removed the watch from my i cloud account over the phone and sent screen shots to confirm. they are still ignoring my messages…and i still have no replacement. they are wanting me to send my personal i cloud account details to them which i will not do. i would think twice before doing any business with this company. case is still unresolved and i am out of pocket.

  23. Jessica

    Ordered a “Refurbished” iPhone 6 in Grey, received an email the next day to say it was shipped , received a call 4 days later to say they have no grey and would I take a silver, I agreed, phone came a week later and the battery would not hold any charge, it would die while it was charging, I explained to customer service that I need a phone and can not wait two weeks to post back the uk and wait for it to come back to Ireland and asked if I could have a partial refund to get the battery replaced Over here, did not hear back so I went ahead to get my battery replaced and we realized it was the original apple battery in the phone and it had in fact not been refurbished, as advertised. When I emailed customer service to tell them this, the only response they had was to tell me my warranty was now void. I shouldn’t have had to do anything to void my warranty, I should’ve been sent the product as advertised. Very unhappy with their service and will not be buying from them ever again.

  24. Neil

    Don’t buy anything from this company or it’s partner company Renew Electronics. I purchased and Apple watch over a month ago via a voucher site and am still waiting. I had 6 email replies roughly 1 a week saying anything from this has already been posted with a tracking number to I will check and get back to you. I have sent several emails a week chasing them and still no further on. The tracking number item was never received by Royal mail. I asked time and time again for a reason and for an update but all they reply with is a 2 line email to say they will look into this and pass to a manager, MD. I’m loosing the will to live. I will not hold my breath on a reply for a full refund with over a months interest, wasted time etc, not even an offer of an upgrade or anything. Very very bad customer service. I will be chasing this up along any avenue I can to let people know not to do any business with these rip off companies.

  25. Nicholas

    Very ropey company indeed, Renew Electronics will not supply a VAT invoice citing GDPR as an excuse, steer well clear

  26. Susan clifford

    5 stars

  27. Harry

    Not sure where all the bad reviews are coming from. I bought through wowcher a refurbished apple watch, a few days later it turned up! It’s in great condition and works. No complaints here. They are responsive when emailing [email protected]

  28. John Brown

    Bought a apple iPhone 6 via wowcher and product arrived one day earlier then expected and works great. I see there are many negative reviews on this forum but I found the company to be very responsive to me at least and my product works like you would expect it was new.

  29. Tony Lawlor

    If I could give a lesser rating than 1 I would. How these people are allowed legally to operate is a farce. Story after story of people recieving damaged goods and then ignored. It is obvious these guys are selling items that are not fit for purpose, in fact it seems to be a dumping ground for substandard items, items that should have been binned. Also it would appear once they have your money there is no getting a refund. Terrible state of affairs.

  30. jim mcmahon

    It’s quite difficult to put into words just how bad the experience I had with this company was/is. I could not recommend it less and as someone said below if there was a rating less then 1 I would choose that. Spinning story after story, blaming Royal Mail etc etc – Absolute nightmare. Maybe to put in perspective I purchased a phone on the 22Apr and today is the 28Jun and I’m only hoping I’ll have resolution by 01Jul – here’s hoping. Really don’t like putting companies down but I would strongly advise running a mile. I’m surprised also that are still using them with the feedback you will read below.

  31. Camilla disanto

    Totally disappointed,got an iPhone 6s refurbished not working

  32. Susan Fenlon

    1 star

  33. Sharon

    Do not use this company – does not even deserve 1 star. Ordered an iphone via Living Social on 2 December and to date 14 December not received – despite saying by 11 December. No contact from the company, service is awful, tried to email and despite receiving contact not getting anywhere. They have taken my money on 2 December with no goods – feels like they have stolen money from me. Looking to cancel and getting a refund – must re-iterate – DO NOT USE RENEW unless you are prepared to wait and happy to get the worst service ever. in this day and age – totally unacceptable

  34. Jacky Godfrey

    Purchased a wowcher voucher for a chromebook and given an estimated date of delivery and emailed the company as hadn’t arrived. A week later I eventually received product but on opening it had a large scratch across the screen. Have returned to company and asked for a replacement and refund of postage costs and not had any reply. Will be taking this further. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  35. vicky pringle

    Have not received my ipad and they will not answer me. Renew electronics… that’s my sons Christmas present ive paid for. Sort it out.

  36. leeanne McGovern

    I purchased an refurbished I pad air 4 on the 29th nov as of yet I have not received it and its a santa gift! it was processed by yourselves on 2/12/19 tracking code KT377277456GB. can u please let me know whats happening or refund my money. Leeanne mc Govern

  37. Elizabeth Fearon

    Hi Elizabeth, Renew Electronics would need be contacted via LivingSocial, whom you purchased from, or directly with your query.

  38. George Gyasi

    Still waiting for my product does anyone have a contact number

  39. Laura Gleeson

    I received an iPad from Renew Electronics via a voucher purchased through wowcher. The iPad does NOT work. I am very disappointed as this was my son’s Christmas present. I have emailed twice now with no acknowledgement or reply!!!!!

  40. Paula O Toole

    APPALLED….purchased an iphone 6s for my daughter for a christmas present and when she opened it it wouldn’t turn on or reboot. I contacted RENEW several times regarding this problem and all i got was to try the reboot that I had already done several times. TODAY after many emails back and forth they now tell me that is is no longer supported by Apple and they can’t do anything for me as it is out of the refund policy!!!!!!!! Why in the name of god did they sell it if it not compatible….I had no idea of any of this as its not something I would be aware of…so now I am left with a phone that they will not replace or refund…I WILL BE TAKING THIS FURTHER DISGUSTED!!!!!!!!!

  41. Akki

    Absoluted disgusted at a product my daughter has bought from renew electronics as it isnt as described, dirty, scratched and totally unacceptable condition. I wouldnt even give something away to a friend in that state. Only giving 1 star rating as i can’t submit without

  42. lacee allsebrook

    2 stars

  43. Laura livett

    DO NOT BUY FROM THESE THEY ARE SCAMMERS…taking your money couldnt give a crap if its for your children or a christmas gift. I have had a case with them since the middle of December for my sons phone was Happy to have the money from me but said they sent the phone and got it delivered and it was royal mail they had lost the item. But the tracking number they have sent me does no exist ive spoke to royal mail. Now they still lying saying royal mail are sending a credit note and will refund me this was a couple of weeks ago and still nothing. Ive asked for an address and a phone number off them and i dont get anything. I will not stop until they sort my son another phone or a refund. Im a single mom to 4 children and a 100 pound to some people might not be alot but it is to me and my son still is waiting on a phone. 3 months after christmas you have made me look a horribe mom. Sort it and sort the other poor people you have ripped off.

  44. Ciara barrett Barrett

    Still waiting for delivery on ipad could you please contact us

  45. Alex Stewart

    I’d give this 0 stars but I can’t! I bought an Apple Watch for myself after my previous one smashed and apple said they could not fix it. 2 weeks in from the delivery day they told me it would be and nothing has been heard from them. 2 emails I sent, no replies. Never buying from this company again, absolutely appalled.

  46. Laura Daly

    Excellent ordered ipad air which I got in good time. Few marks on side but in excellent condition. Works well and pleased with it.

  47. Ruth tuttle

    Ordered a grade A black iPhone 6 received a gold one that looks like it was dragged across the tarmac will be looking for a refund I wouldn’t even give them one star but you have to pick one

  48. stephen

    Would it buy again again through this company! Bought voucher through pigs back and when phone arrived the batteries health was critically bad. Hence would not hold charge for more than a hour . I know the phone are refurbished but still should have a working battery a main component of the phone . Never again . Sending back phone and want a refund .

  49. Mary

    1 star

  50. Nadine

    1 star

  51. Nadine

    1 star

  52. Karen Mahon

    1 star

  53. Kathleen Kingston

    1 star

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